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You need to be at an IFLS/MORE library to access Ancestry Library Edition and Heritage Quest at the library.

You need a MORE library card to access the genealogy articles and Heritage Quest at home.

To find the genealogy databases type in http!//ifls.lib.wi.us

Scroll down

On left hand side of page under online resources there will be:

Ancestry library edition (at MORE library only)

Heritage Quest at home

Heritage Quest (at MORE library only)

Hobbies and crafts (genealogy articles)

Click on the one you want

To access genealogy articles go to Hobbies and Crafts

1.  Click on Hobbies and Crafts

2.  Enter your barcode from your MORE library card

3.  Enter

4.  Scroll down to hobbies and crafts reference center

5.  Click on hobbies and crafts reference center

6.  Type in genealogy

7.  Enter

8.  Click on title you are interested in

9.  Click on full text to get complete artlcle

10.  It will tell you how many pages there are

11. Click on printer icon

12. Click OK

Cost is $ .20 a page